Woman Attempts Photoshoot With Dogs And Sunflowers But Then Everything Goes Hilariously Wrong

www.swallowpress.com-photoshoot with dogs and sunflowers

Many a times when you plan something and expect to do everything according to plan, it just so happens that not everything goes according to plan. While things may not exactly go according to plan, they can sometimes turn into something even better. This is what happened to Agniesszka Ciszyńska’s plan of having a photoshoot with her dogs and sunflowers.

www.swallowpress.com-photoshoot with dogs and sunflowers

When Agnieszka Ciszyńska decided to have a photoshoot with her 3 adorable White Swiss Shepherds in a sunflower field in Poland, the entire shoot got compromised when the dogs became more interested in eating the flowers. Agnieszka hoped to capture some dreamy portraits with blooming sunflowers, but, her dog’s had other plans. Rather than elegantly posing with the sunflowers they decided to taste and eat them instead.

The photos came out a bit different than expected

www.swallowpress.com-photoshoot with dogs and sunflowers

The photos were not exactly what the owner intended. If anything at all, one can say that the photos might just be the classic example of “Instagram vs. reality”: dog edition. However, the photos surprisingly exceeded expectations, as Agnieszka actually got unstaged portraits of dogs fooling around full of positivity and charm.

She decided on a blooming sunflower field to be the setting for her photographs with her three White Swiss Shepherds


She had initially intended to make a romantic photoshoot for her friends and had brought along her dogs as she had also decided to take the opportunity to take some photographs of them as well.

She had originally hoped to get some elegant and dreamy portraits


Agnieszka went on to say- “We expected dreamy, beautiful portraits in sunflowers. But it turned out that a sunflower field is not an easy place to take photographs, especially if you’re not tall enough. And as big as our dogs are—we had to think of some way to make them reach the flowers. So our friend kindly agreed to be a chair for our dogs. Then we thought that Fenris was big enough to pose on his own—but standing on his rear legs, he looked more like a hungry dinosaur than a majestic wolf… We had lots of laughs and some of the pictures came out pretty funny”.

www.swallowpress.com-photoshoot with dogs and sunflowers

She had even asked a friend to be like a “special chair” for her dogs because the sunflowers were too high


Despite asking one of her friends to be a kind of “special chair” to elevate her dogs so that they could be at the level of the sunflowers, things didn’t go as smoothly as planned. The three furballs had other plans in mind after they got interested in the taste of the sunflowers.

The dogs were least interested in striking a pose for the camera

www.swallowpress.com-photoshoot with dogs and sunflowers

The dogs became more interested in munching on sunflowers and playing around. They were least interested in posing for the camera. “Our dogs (White Swiss Shepherds) are very active, happy, and friendly. They love dog sports: dog frisbee, nosework, bikejoring, and herding. They are the kind of dogs that follow you everywhere, want to be a part of everything you do (and yes, you can forget about going to the bathroom alone)”, she said.

www.swallowpress.com-photoshoot with dogs and sunflowers

Agnieszka’s husband, Michał, is the main photographer in the family as photography is his true passion. While he mostly is a self-taught photographer, it is Agnieszka who takes care of all the post-production. She handles the task of photo editing and putting them out into the world through social media management.

According to Agnieszka, “The key to a good photoshoot is having your dogs trained to stay when you need a portrait, but also knowing when to relax and just have fun in any surroundings”.


Agnieszka posted and shared the photos on Facebook and it soon made everyone’s day

She said- “To be honest, we didn’t expect them to bring so much joy to others. And as it turned out, people loved the result—maybe in such hard times, a good laugh is what everybody needs”.

The breathtaking photos of the adventures of Björn, Walkiria and Fenris all over the world, were also shared by Agnieszka

Agnieszka has also taken her three beautiful Swiss Shepherds- Björn, Walkiria, and Fenris, along with her on her travels around the world. The photos she took with them on her travels have all been uploaded on her social media. You can find amazing photos about her family adventures with her three snowballs to dog trainings, and competitions on her social media accounts. Here are some:

www.swallowpress.com-photoshoot with dogs and sunflowers
www.swallowpress.com-photoshoot with dogs and sunflowers
www.swallowpress.com-photoshoot with dogs and sunflowers

Agnieszka says that their whole life is about their dogs. They even have some sort of competition every weekend on some months and their dogs really enjoy it and they are very good at it. They relax together, and go on vacations together. She explained that their social media isn’t just about nice pictures, but more about how they wanted everyone to remember that dogs are family that should be included in the most important moments in life.

The biggest adventure they had was just over a year ago when they decided to spend 6 months travelling through Europe and of course the trio was included. “We visited 13 countries, swam in the lakes and seas, hiked through mountains, slept on a beach in a tent, visited big cities and places where we couldn’t find another living soul. It was sometimes challenging, but amazing and it was the best time of our lives”, Agnieszka said.


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