This Fluffy Poodle Has Gone Viral Over The Internet For Its Interesting Human-Like Expressions poodle

When the pictures of this fluffy poodle named Kokoro was shared, it didn’t take long for the adorable fluffster’s pictures to go viral on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Comments flowed in from people, about the dog’s surprisingly human-like face and expressions. Some even commented that he bears a resemblance to Bob Ross. Internet users have even gone as far as to create memes from the pictures of this adorable little pooch.

Meet Kokoro the little poodle from Japan poodle

Kokoro is from Japan and has become popular for looking like a stuffed toy. He has become an Instagram sensation with over 3k posts and up to 120k followers. After Twitter user Hisoka shared some of Kokoro’s pictures, he got even more attention thereafter. His pictures racked up a whopping 128k likes with 29.9k retweets and over 800 affectionate comments.

The internet has been overwhelmed by the cuteness of Kokoro poodle

Besides being extremely cute, Kokoro also has been considered to appear quite similar to Bob Ross as he had fluffy hair which is strikingly similar to Kokoro’s. Kokoro is also strikingly similar to Ewoks from the sci-fi movie “Ewoks”, as they are super hairy and fluffy creatures as well. poodle

What’s really amazing about this fluffy little puppy are his fascinating human-like expressions. These happen to be very good for memes, which is why people have been creating all sorts of relatable and funny content.

Kokoro is a toy poodle poodle

Kokoro is a toy poodle which is why he looks like a ball of fluff. Toy poodles are popularly known for their fluffiness. They are more adorable than other poodles since they are the smallest version of the breed.  They have an average height of 9.4-11 inches (24-28 centimeters) tall and weigh 4-6 pounds (1.8-2.7 kg). While this breed of dogs requires excessive care and grooming, they are an active, intelligent, and social breed of dogs.

Take a look at some more photos of this adorable pupper with a human-like face resembling Bob Ross poodle poodle poodle poodle poodle

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