The Facial Expressions Of This Cute And Adorable Corgi From Japan Will Definitely Make Your Day the corgi

Corgis are known to be very playful, clever, and active dogs, and one Corgi has all these traits along with something else which makes him stand out from the rest. This is Gen the Corgi from Japan, who’s unique and whimsical facial expressions have gained him attention and internet fame all over social media.

Gen the Corgi

Gen is an adorable little Corgi from Japan who recently turned five years old on May 3rd.  He rose to fame on social media for his whimsical and cute facial expressions which gathered 111k Instagram followers. He has also earned the title of one of the “most expressive dogs” on the Internet- a title he is absolutely worthy of.

His liveliness along with his facial expressions makes him even more irresistible. His owner said that Gen really likes being around people whether it is going out and meeting someone new or simply sleeping in the same bed along with his owners.

But Gens life has its fair share of challenges

The Corgi’s owner said, “Gen was born with hereditary chronic renal failure. It cannot be cured”. He further added that it is condition that even affects people and which they have to live with as well.

“This disease causes Gen to experience polyuria (urinating more than usual), polydipsia (being thirsty all the time), anemia, malaise, and high blood pressure. To make things even worse, Gen was also born with other convulsive seizures prostatic hyperplasia”, his owner explained.

Unfortunately Gen the Corgi has to be a frequent patient of the clinic for the rest of his life. He has to be on dialysis 3 times a week along with 4 injections and 6 types of medicines. His owner added, “He also gets a blood test and echo test once a month. His diet is a special one, centered around his renal failure. All his treats are additive-free and made in Japan”.

But, this doesn’t stop the little fluffy Corgi from making such genuinely cute expressions which his owner attributes to the dog being happy and rather content with his life.

In regards to little Gen his owner had this heartfelt message to say- “A dog is family. Even if a puppy comes to you with many incurable diseases it has had since birth, it’s not a reason to let go of it. Yes, Gen will live a much shorter life than your average dog and yes, his treatment costs a huge amount of money, but we, his owners, will continue to give him the best treatment we can and enormous amounts of love. I think that sticking to your treatment and spending time with your loved ones are the secrets to having a great short life”.

Here are some more of his whimsical expressions the corgi

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