How To Reduce Your PMS And Cramps

Premenstrual syndrome is the bane of any young woman’s life. The moment you hit puberty this painful monthly cycles of periods are not only irritating but downright tiresome. PMS as it is more commonly known across the medical world has more debilitating effects on women’s health then usually known. The hormonal balance goes for a complete toss resulting in mood swings, irritability, and anger bouts which starts effecting the immediate environments of the lady as well as family and office peer relations. But did you know that there are ways to reduce PMS and cramps? ways to reduce PMS and cramps

Apart from the infamous menstrual cramps  which is the biggest villain of all  there are other annoying symptoms which women have to tolerate such as nausea, headaches, body and back pain, excessive food cravings, depression ,excessive fatigue which every day they have to fight  alone. This article would show you how to combat this monthly evil in natural, organic ways which would relieve you from some of the debilitating effects of PMS.

Taming the Cramps ways to reduce PMS and cramps

Usually the muscular cramps begin with the onset of periods, resulting due to hormonal fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone. The LSH and FSH which are usually responsible for menstrual control systems and contacts directly with brain causing much of the external symptoms.

Here are some tips which would help you and your women to combat the menacing pain.

Avoid Excess polyunsaturated omega-6 fats ways to reduce PMS and cramps

During periods nutrition and your diet plays a crucial role in controlling the symptoms of PMS. The female body needs to have a balanced diet with Omega 3 and 6 fats. These fats are crucial as your body uses them for cell repair and regeneration due to the excess blood loss. But keep in mind that Omega-6 is a man made fat which should be taken in a controlled manner as they are harmful in the long run.

We must consciously avoid poly-saturated fats as they are unstable and easily oxidized in blood causing further inflammation, cell mutation, and pain. The bottom line is we need mono-saturated and saturated fats for good results. Instead of consuming vegetable oil, soya bean oil, margarine, canola oil, peanut oil which has been chemically treated, you should rather take coconut oil, real butter, olive oil and lard which is a healthy animal fat. Add a lot of fish and coconut oil in your diet as they have anti-inflammatory qualities. This is a rather natural way to reduce PMS and cramps.

Avoid chemicals found in in-house cleaning agents ways to reduce PMS and cramps

We all know this mantra is it’s harder to implement in real life as the toxic chemicals have invaded our daily life in every conceivable way but we must still try to reduce their effect on our health. The scary part is these toxic chemicals are present everywhere, even in birth control pills which can easily disrupt the fragile hormonal balance.

The tip here is to cook in glass ware and non-coated metals while preparing meals. Avoid using Teflon and plastic storage containers. Use organic food as much as possible and reduce chemical based cleaning agents in your house, especially in the kitchen and dining area.

Avoid foods that cause inflammation ways to reduce PMS and cramps

Many users may not be aware that several types of grains, dairy, and vegetable oil can have severe inflammatory effects on our bodies. These affect the hormonal balance which is the last thing we want. At least for the period of menstruation, follow a dairy and grain-free diet. In fact, it’s not that horrible as it sounds! Try homemade yummy soups, broths, grass fed fresh meat, in short everything organic and healthy.

Sleep ways to reduce PMS and cramps

We all know sleep is elusive when you are battling the monster called the PMS cramps. The lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalance and causes insomnia which makes the matter ten times worse. This is an effective way to reduce your PMS and cramps so make sure you sleep a lot.

Consider natural options ways to reduce PMS and cramps

It may sound counterproductive and downright illogical as well but the tampons and the sanitary pads that we use also add to the symptoms of PMS due to their chemical treatment while manufacturing.

Although it does not affect most of the ladies but there are few hyper sensitive females who do feel the effects of it. Don’t worry as there is an option here too. Alternatives such as Diva cups or hygienic cloth pads are available in kits in any medical store these days. Since these are made of cotton, they are soothing and can effectively reduce the PMS ordeals to a great extent.

Exercise ways to reduce PMS and cramps

It might sound impossible to exercise when your body is barely refusing to even get out of bed. Exercising seems almost laughable but it’s effective!

These crazy hormones in your body surprisingly respond positively to light exercise such as yoga, walking, or swimming. You can try the new T-Tapp exercise which has been revolutionizing the PMS workout universe. Try it out, if you really want to reduce your PMS and cramps.

Healthy supplements for PMS and cramps ways to reduce PMS and cramps

There are various beneficial supplements for those annoying PMS cramps which can be incorporated in your diet especially during those trying days. These include:

Magnesium supplements- it improves sleep and provide hormonal stability which is the key factor during periods. The supplements of magnesium can be obtained in its oil extracts. It’s great with all sorts of digestive issues and even reduces the cramps to a great deal.

Maca supplements- this element is found in radish and greatly boosts the hormonal productions and libido. Needless to say, it reduces the PMS, brings a glow to the skin and increases fertility. No doubt it should be consumed daily during pregnancy.

Cod Liver Oil supplements- it is rich in Omega 3 and stabilizes the hormones.

Gelatin- Is rich in magnesium, calcium, and phosphate. It has anti-inflammatory agents, and can soothe joint and muscular pains during PMS.

Vitamin D supplements- all you need to do is enjoy a daily walk in the morning sunshine and bask in the sun’s glory and you’ll see the hormonal balance back in shape in no time. But, if that is not enough and you find yourself lacking this essential vitamin, then consider taking a vitamin D supplement.

Chaste Tree Berry- this berry improves pituitary gland functions and extends the Luteal phase. It increases the progesterone and prolactin which improves the PMS symptoms drastically.

These tips and ways for reducing PMS and cramps as well as other annoying symptoms faced during the periods are really effective, so why not give them a try? Although, we must still keep in mind that every lady has a different biological composition and that the remedies differ accordingly. We are sure at least some of the tips would reduce the pain and the annoyance you go through per month and will be able to put a smile on your face, even during those 5 grueling days.






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