Explore 8 Famous Tourist Attractions Of Liechtenstein, The 6th Smallest Country In The World

Planning for a holiday to Europe? Don’t forget to visit these most famous tourist attractions of Liechtenstein, including Heidiland.

Remember that beautiful little classic story of Heidi?? Well, Liechtenstein was the setting of that lovely story of the little girl’s tale of her stay with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps. Written by Johanna Spyri, it turned out of the finest pieces of Swiss Literature and one of the bestselling books ever written. If you are holidaying in Europe, make sure Lichtenstein is on your itinerary. tourist attractions

Liechtenstein, the fourth smallest country in Europe lies cradled between Switzerland and Austria.  With a mixed cosmopolitan nature featuring a mixed European population, Lichtenstein is a beautiful tourist destination and  one of the most spectacular places in Europe with Switzerland and several  alpine resorts  just a stone’s throw away. Close to the home of the most loved fiction character Heidi, the famous tourist attractions of Liechtenstein should never be missed.

Here are some of the famous tourist attractions of Lichtenstein.

Vaduz tourist attractions

Among the beautiful sights of Lichtenstein, Vaduz is one of the smallest capitals in the world and is truly an astounding location enveloped by thick forest covers. It rests resting on the banks of the Rhine and features a turreted castle.

The central area of the city sports a modern outlook with cube shaped concrete buildings and get this, shopping stores are tax-free. Unlike its modern appearance in the central area, a beautiful little walk leads you to the picturesque old village that has retained the same look as decades ago. tourist attractions

Near Vaduz is Liechtenstein’s most beautiful feature, the Alpine mountain range. This stunning scene is best experienced with a lovely bicycle ride or a nice slow walk on foot. One Experience the natural mountain environment in the villages of Triesen, Balzers and Schaan for refreshing and rejuvenating oneself from the stress of city life.

Malbun tourist attractions

Among famous Liechtenstein tourist attractions, Malbun is one of the best winter resorts in the Alps. 1,600m-high, it gives the feeling of being on the edge of the earth. Malbun is great for letting your hair loose along with family. There are several winter activities to be enjoyed like Skiing and Hiking which is affordable and cost-friendly. In the off season the resort is more or less deserted.

Kunstmuseum tourist attractions

The Kunstmuseum is made from black concrete and hosts some of the best examples of contemporary artworks featuring artists like Paul Klee and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. It also contains the Prince’s original collection of old masterpieces. Don’t forget to stop over at the in-house café and sushi bar when visiting the museum.

Walsermuseum tourist attractions

The Walsermuseum is Triesenberg’s biggest attraction where you can find out the story of the Walsers and have a glimpse of their ancient traditions carved out on twisted branches and tree trunks. In the 13th century the Walsers migrated from the Valais to different parts of Europe, Liechtenstein being one of these places and settled there.

Till today they still speak their ancestral dialect. So while in Triesenberg keep in mind to visit the Walserhaus which is a 400 year old house with a very 19th century style of furnishing. From Vaduz take Bus21 that goes straight to Triesenberg.

Vaduz Castle tourist attractions

As one of the best Liechtenstein tourist attractions, the Schloss Vaduz at the top of a hill appears to be a truly magnificent sight watching over the capital. Closed to the public, people still flock to this spectacle of a structure just to get a close up view of it. Its trail begins uphill from the Egertastrasse.

On Liechtenstein’s National Day that is the 15th of August, the castle grounds are opened to look upon and the Prince invites almost everyone in Liechtenstein over, for an amazing fireworks display and also a glass of wine or beer.

Torkel tourist attractions

The Torkel is His Excellency’s ivy-clad restaurant, which is just above the prince’s vineyards. It is a garden terrace restaurant with a splendid view of the royal castle just above. Its interior is made up of ancient wood lining which creates a remarkably cozy atmosphere in winter. It’s multi-cuisine of local specialties to seasonal delicacies and international dishes with a basic set lunch-Sfr72 never cease to provide fantastic reviews.

Other than Liechtenstein sightseeing and eating at lavish restaurants there are many exciting activities you can find in Liechtenstein to spend time in doing.

Gutenberg Castle tourist attractions

Another interesting feature among Liechtenstein tourist attractions and towering above the village of Balzers located in South Lichtenstein is the grand and majestic Gutenberg Castle. The iconic landmark is a well preserved fortress that dates back to the middle Ages.

The castle stands on a hill 70 meters high and the area has been inhabited ever since the Neolithic period and where there has been several archaeological discoveries including the ancient Mars von Gutenberg statuette that is housed in the Liechtenstein Landesmuseum

Don’t forget to visit Heidi’s home in Maienfeld tourist attractions

When planning to see the Liechtenstein tourist attractions, day travel is best. Sightseeing takes you through a gorgeous city of roses (Rappersweil), to the serene view of the magnificent Alps from Ricken Pass and also to the world famous Maienfeld region. As most of us are familiar with the Heidi classic novel we know that Maienfeld is the stage for the story in which her village and home is located.

Activities in Liechtenstein

Fürstensteig: The Fürstensteig is like a traditional rite of passage for almost all Liechtensteiners. The famous Fürstensteig trail is a 6Km hike beginning at the BergasthausGaflei. The path is narrow at some places so you must be both mentally and physically fit and not suffer from vertigo. tourist attractions

For the steep climb from Planken to the scenic Gafadurahütte it would do you good to traverse with light baggage, wearing proper shoes. From there onwards over the DreiSchwestern Mountains, you will find yourself at your destination, the Fürstensteig trail.

Planetenweg: The Planet Trail is an amazing recreation activity exclusively for children. It is both educational and fun for the kids in having to spot and identify each planet along the trail. tourist attractions

The trail’s starting point is the car park near the Rheinpark stadium and is 5Km long shadowing the Rhine while mapping out the solar system. A tour of Liechtenstein tourist attractions will always leave you with a memory and experience of a lifetime.

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