8 Premenopausal Symptoms To Watch Out For

Menopause is much more than hot flushes and missing periods which indicate that you are entering the menopausal stage in your life. In fact, there are many smaller and subtle signs which may not be that obvious but sure shot signs of incoming menopause. So, here are 8 premenopausal symptoms which your body is giving out to inform you about the new stage of life you are about to enter.

1. Urinary urgency symptoms

A clear indication of menopause is when your pelvic muscles gets weaker, which can also be due to childbirth as well coupled with the decrease in estrogen levels. This can affect the urethral lining which results in stress urinary incontinence, making the simple act of holding your pee even for a small period extremely difficult.

2. Insomnia symptoms

The premenopausal stage also leads to a drop of ‘progesterone’ which is also called the “calming hormones”. It’s quite natural that lower secretion of calming hormones would lead to higher anxiety, stress and also effects normal sleep routine, causing insomnia in some cases.

3. Body odor symptoms

When your estrogen levels begin to drop, the hypothalamus glands in your body soon gets activated. These glands feel that the body is getting overheated and therefore, must be cooled off by producing more sweat which makes you have a smelly body odor as one of the many premenopausal symptoms.

4. Weakened immunity symptoms

Usually your hormones and immunity work in close tandem all your lives, so when you reach the premenopausal stage the drop of hormonal secretion changes or lowers your immunity considerably. As a result your current allergic conditions might get worse or you might even develop a whole new set of allergies which is nothing but the result of hormonal fluctuations.

5. Chin hair symptoms

This one is really ironical as by the age you crawl closer to menopause your crowning glory might begin to thin but you’ll experience fuzz in unexpected places like facial hair. Yes, chin hair is very common in ladies above 50. This weird hair growth is also seen in cheeks or upper lips.

The reason for these bizarre premenopausal symptoms is the change in the secretion the amount of androgen as compared to estrogens. Both the hormones drop during menopause but estrogen drops drastically while androgen drops slowly and gradually.

6. Changes in vision symptoms

There are hormones responsible for regulating your vision which is why when their production level changes so does your vision. Decreased hormone production during the pre-menopausal stage sometimes can cause drastic vision change. For example, some ladies can go from being near sighted to far-sighted. If you are having changes in your vision then this could possibly be one of the premenopausal symptoms you can be witnessing.

7. Loss of bone density symptoms

As you age the bones are more prone to breakage and cracks and the density reduces substantially. This can also be because of the decrease of estrogen in your body. In fact, studies have shown that the body may lose up to 20 % of bone density in the first five years of the menopause stage itself. This increases the chances to develop conditions of osteoporosis or bone thinning.

8. Forgetfulness symptoms

Hormonal changes during premenopausal stages can cause havoc to your hormonal secretions and cause stress, insomnia, forgetfulness etc. It makes you lose your focus or concentration and affects your mental efficiency. Now you understand why moms always seem to forget even the most mundane stuffs. This is because of these premenopausal symptoms.




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