7 Vital Signs That You May Have Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders are even experienced by people who live a happy and normal life. We usually ignore our emotions because it can get in the way of our work and time, but ignoring it too much can have some consequences. Some symptoms have been provided to you to help you identify whether you are suffering from anxiety disorders or not.

Here are 7 vital signs of anxiety disorder.

You find it difficult to sleep vital signs of anxiety disorder

When you are having difficulty in falling asleep at night and even when you’re sleeping you find it extremely difficult to get up from the bed, it means that you have been experiencing anxiety the entire day. There are many varieties of anxiety although the most common symptoms include sleep problems, nausea, cold sweat, etc. Our working capacity, emotions and attentiveness changes when our sleep is disturbed for even a short period of time.

You feel a need for control vital signs of anxiety disorder

When you start blaming yourself for every possible situation and taking the responsibility of everyone, this type of disorder also comes under a category of anxiety disorders. It is known as Social Anxiety Disorder or social phobia. You tend to get obsessive of the fact on how others would judge you and whether you are being embarrassed or ridiculed.

You have anxiety without any good reason vital signs of anxiety disorder

Another sign of anxiety is when you do everything perfectly and expect the same from everyone else also.  Anxiety usually causes problems in our emotional state which even affects our physical strength. This symptom is known as perfectionism and comes under the category of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). It can cause anxiety because no matter what we do, there always will be some flaw which will be impossible to remove, thus discouraging us from moving on.

You experience unexplained pains vital signs of anxiety disorder

Mental tension is not the only cause of anxiety, physical problems even contributes to anxiety. It exhausts our body to a large extent and it causes aches and pains which stay for months. Anxiety usually results in adrenaline rush and stress in the body. Adrenaline causes the blood vessels to constrict, thus, it stops the flow of blood to the muscles causing aches and pains.

You have obsessive habits vital signs of anxiety disorder

Unnecessary habits like pulling your clothes, always touching your face, lip biting, twisting your hair and the most common habit of biting your nails are also signs of anxiety.

You feel people around don’t understand you vital signs of anxiety disorder

When you start thinking that people around you would find it difficult to understand you because of your point of view and emotions held inside, we are unable to express ourselves. If we continue to suppress our feeling and thoughts, it will explode like a volcano and affect the people around us. When we hold our emotions inside for too long, we start to withdraw ourselves from society. We start to isolate ourselves from everyone and remain extremely quiet.

You keep blaming yourself vital signs of anxiety disorder

Self-criticism and self-accusation are one of the major signs of having anxiety disorder. Constant criticism can make us more depressed which would make us eventually have negative and dark thoughts. Everything you hear would feel like as if someone is constantly nagging you in your head. This even affects our self-esteem. If we continue with this behavior, we only become unbearable towards ourselves.

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