14 Magic Phrases That Will Calm Your Anxiety Instantly

People with anxiety issues have to fight a dual war every day; they have to face the world, which is harsh and ruthless most of the time, and also, they have to fight their inner demons as well. These days, if you are clinically diagnosed as an anxiety patient, the days are even more hellish for you. But here we are with some famous, well-known phrases which can empower you and fill you with confidence. Repeating them every day with full belief will give you the power to fight this unforeseen enemy and fill you with courage to face the day with vigor.

These phrases can become your magic mantra, which would pull you off the precipice of depression and anxiety and push you towards a more confident self of being ready to take the challenges of life.

Nike – Just do it! to calm anxiety

What is it trying to tell you? Think hard, and you’ll realize this phrase pushes you to come out of your procrastination and fear and be proactive. Get up and open the door of your life and start living. This phrase beautifully says that there are no wrong or right decisions in life.

As long as you are doing something, you are active and pushing hard to go ahead rather than just sitting and worrying. Stop worrying about the perfect start, and don’t fear any wrong step as long as you are actually moving and striding ahead. The correct directions to your life would present itself to you automatically.

Focus on enough – think I am enough.

This is a powerful phrase and repeats itself with full conviction every day. People usually get stressed when they feel they are not competent enough to fight against the odds of life without having the mental resources to deal with the challenges.

People with low self-esteem continuously feel they are not strong enough, so they buy more or ask for help more often. This is where you should say no! I am sufficient, and I don’t need anything extra to fight my demons. Relax and repeat to yourself that “I am strong enough and exactly where I want to be and bring it on!”

Gratitude – Be thankful for what you have.

We know it’s easier said than done when you are surrounded by everything negative around you. Even when the dark clouds are overhead, and there is no sign of hope, there are still things that you can be thankful for, that you do have right now at your disposal.

When you start making a mental list of all the elements working for you, it automatically shifts your brain functions towards a more genial and positive frame of mind. So, every time your account starts falling into the abyss of darkness, start thinking about the grateful list that you have.

Mindfulness – be in the present. to calm anxiety

This is another extremely effective way to pull your thoughts from panic and anxiety and place it in a calm and positive state of mind. When you feel negative thoughts are clouding, your brain immediately shifts your feelings towards the orient moment and what’s happening in your immediate surroundings.

Even mundane stuff like watching the traffic go by, birds chirping, cats, and dogs playing in the street, or flowers blossoming around you will stop your ruminations and bring your thoughts to a happy restorative stage.

Give in – stop struggling.

Many things in your life are just beyond your control, and they frighten you. Stuff like political upheavals, global warming, pandemic spreading around you, etc. we know this makes the fight against stress harder. What you should do is to let go of the situation which is not in your hand let them be…accept that bad things do happen in the world all the time and there is very little you can do about it. Just let destiny run its course and leave your worries to fate. Stop managing the unmanageable and you’ll feel liberated.

Give yourself a reality check – Anxiety is uncomfortable but not dangerous. to calm anxiety

You must remember when you are in the grips of extreme panic or anxiety attack, it’s an overwhelming emotional state, but you are not actually in any real physical danger. You might think that you might not make it through this and even feel that you might die of fear and panic paralysis, but it will pass just like it always does. We all know it’s not a fun state to be in as it is extremely draining both physically and emotionally, but you are safe and in no danger.

This, too, shall pass – calamity will go away eventually.

While having a panic attack, it will seem like you are drowning in the blackness of misfortune and will never be able to cope, but this is far from the truth. No matter how bleak the situation may seem at the moment, be sure of one thing it shall pass. You will come out victorious because these stressful situations are temporary. You shall have the last laugh.

You can do it – give yourself positive reaffirmations. to calm anxiety

Imagine it’s not you in a bleak situation but your closest friend; what advice will you give her to help her out? When you are overwhelmed, start thinking of the case from the perspective of a second person and do not make it personal all the time.

When you feel you are alone, fighting depression becomes even harder, but if you see yourself as an outsider, you’ll have a different perspective. You’ll be able to give advice and suggestions to your problems which would be practical and logical.

Anxiety is a false alarm – it’s just panic!

Anxiety means something has triggered your fight or flight mode even when you are not in any imminent physical danger. Calm yourself down, count till 10, take deep breaths, think of powerful reaffirmations. Remember, this is just momentary panic, which will do you no harm and will pass as always.

Feel like you can’t handle it – get the facts right!

Before delivering an important presentation or speech, you may suddenly go into panic mode that you cannot do it, even if you are the best person for the job. This is the time for positive reaffirmations again that you are the best and always have been.

No one can do this task better than you. Take deep breaths, concentrate on the present, and just get it over with. Just think this fear has engulfed you a million times before, but you have come out a champion every single time! Think, there is nothing that can stop you now.

Be positive – keep chanting that you love it! to calm anxiety

Channelize this powerful mantra every day before you start your day, and see the difference. Love yourself because you are an essential person in this world and take care of yourself. Everything else is secondary and never feel guilty about it.

When you take a fall, no one will come to pick you up, so stop giving a hoot to the world and feel the deep love for yourself and your well-being. Do not undermine the compliments you receive. Add it to your self-worth because you deserve it, and stay away from toxic people as much as you can.

Think positive- there is always an upside!

View your problems as a challenge. It may seem overwhelming when multiple issues surround you. But, the fact is all these problems will be solved by you alone, with your unrelenting warrior-like spirit. You might have to take some hard blows from them to learn and grow and only then will you wear the scars as a badge of honor.

Embrace your problems- I can live with my issues!

Let no one say you are weak and cannot do something on your own without their help. They will take your issues and use it against you. Never let your panic debilitate you and force you to take whatever help you need to make do without feeling guilty.

To live life fullest, you do not need to be anxiety-free. Ultimately, it’s a part of yourself that has to be tamed by you. Let no one tell you that you are incompetent because you have issues. Ignore them as they are jealous that you can function, work, and fight your demons alone.

Be defiant – Do what your mind says you can’t do! to calm anxiety

Extreme anxiety attacks paralyze you and keep you from doing even the basic stuff like take a walk or talk to your friends. This is the precise moment to break free from the shackles of the negativity clouding your mind. When you at your worst, call a true non-judgemental friend immediately and just talk to break the cycle. Never let the this overcome you because you are not weak.

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