12 Ways How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Body

Mosquito bites are really unpleasant and sometimes can even be quite dangerous since mosquitoes are known to transmit diseases like dengue and malaria. According to research, it has been proved that mosquitoes can rapidly learn and even remember the smell of its host. This is how some people become more of a preference than others.

While you may not be so keen on using chemical repellents to get rid of mosquitoes, you still need to adopt some measures to keep them away. How to keep mosquitoes away? You can use these 12 ways.

1. Use citronella candles how to keep mosquitoes away

If you’re allergic to or dislike repellent plants, one great alternative would be citronella candles. Research has approved of citronella being a good natural insect repellent. There are no side effects and your house will always have a fresh smell. Moreover, insects won’t disturb you anymore once they get this small from your house. Those who prefer handmade items can make their own citronella candles by using its oil.

2. With peppermint oil how to keep mosquitoes away

The American College of Healthcare Sciences has declared peppermint oil to be a natural insecticide and a mosquito repellent. Dilute some peppermint oil with a carrier oil such as canola oil. You can then choose to mix this with other scents like lemon and then rub them onto your skin for a fresh minty scent. This will then work as an effective mosquito repellent which even smells good

3. By using lemon eucalyptus how to keep mosquitoes away

Lemon eucalyptus happens to be an EPA registered active ingredient in mosquito repellent. Studies have proved that the essential oil from lemon eucalyptus provides 100% protection against mosquitoes for up to 12 hours. Besides this, lemon eucalyptus can also help in relieving symptoms of the common cold such as coughing and congestion.

4. By using lavender spray and body oil how to keep mosquitoes away

The smell of lavender is resented by Mosquitoes. You can use essential body oils to make a body spray or just apply a few drops on your skin. This trick can be beneficial for your body and you can avoid using chemical sprays and creams to avoid allergies and irritation. Lavender lovers will certainly like this trick.

5. Use catnip oil how to keep mosquitoes away

How to keep away mosquitoes using catnip oil when it is commonly used for cats?  Studies have proved that this oil is a potent mosquito repellent. In fact, it is now EPA-approved oil which can give you up to 7 hours of protection from those pesky mosquitoes.

6. With apple cider vinegar

It can be surprising to know how to keep mosquitoes away with apple cider vinegar. Most people have it at home, so you can use this simple household ingredient to make a mosquito repellent spray. Mix citronella oil with it as well for some additional effects.

7. With lemongrass oil how to keep mosquitoes away

Recent studies have found that lemongrass oil can be used as an effective mosquito repellent as it is easily comparable to commercial mosquito repellents. By combining lemongrass oil with another essential oil like cinnamon bark oil, its repellent effect can be made stronger.

8. By eating garlic how to keep mosquitoes away

Some studies have concluded that mosquitoes can be kept away by eating garlic. This can be a good trick for people who love garlic but it you don’t like it, eat small amounts of it. You can even boil it and make a mixture which can be used as a spray to chase mosquitoes away.

9. A plate soapy water

If you spend most of your time outside reading books or having your meals, you can place a plate of soapy water close by. Mosquitoes get attracted to this plate of water and they get trapped in the bubbles.

10. With natural plants how to keep mosquitoes away

Using chemical repellents is not the only effective way to keep mosquitoes away. Various herbs and natural plants can even be used to achieve this purpose. You can grow some useful plants in your yard or garden which can even beautify the place. It will be beneficial as they will protect you and your pets as well. You can grow plants like basil, rosemary, lavender, catnip, marigold, etc. to keep mosquitoes away.

11. By eliminating unwanted standing water how to keep mosquitoes away

According to the Mayo Clinic, pools or puddles around your home or yard can quickly become a mosquito breeding ground. You can keep the area around your house free from these insects by:

  • Storing flower pots or any other unused containers upside down
  • Emptying any kids’ pools
  • Unclogging roof gutters
  • Changing the water in any bird baths weekly
  • Not allowing rain water to accumulate in trash can lids

12. By using a fan how to keep mosquitoes away

Since mosquitoes aren’t good fliers, nor are they as fast as flies or other insects, you can simply use an electric fan to repel them. How to keep mosquitoes away using an electric is very simple. Once you switch the fan on the force of the breeze will simply blow them away thereby stopping them from getting close to you.

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