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10 Incredible Things In Nature That Actually Exist

The wonders of nature are truly surreal and astounding. There are many magical moments in nature which you can only gaze upon for a moment before it vanishes. But, there are still some creations of nature which are so mesmerizing that you can hardly believe your eyes when you see them.

Often you only trust that which you can see with your own eyes, and you usually don’t believe stuff that you can’t see for yourself. Still when it comes to the world and nature there are many wonders which you never even imagined existed in reality. Here are 10 incredible things in nature you won’t believe exist.

1. Underwater Forest of Kaindy Lake, Kazakhstan amazing things in nature

The 400 meter long Kaindy Lake in Kazakhstan’s portion of the Tian Shan Mountains is also the place where you can find the mysterious sunken forest. In 1911, the Kebin earthquake triggered an enormous limestone landslide which resulted in the creation of the lake.

The earthquake was also responsible for triggering the landslide which resulted in the formation of a natural dam. The valley gradually became flooded with rain water over time which submerged the tress growing there. Now the lake and the tress are also famous for its unusually bright blue color.

2. Volcanic Lightning, Iceland amazing things in nature

If you are travelling through Iceland, chances are that you will witness an electrifying phenomenon unlike any other. This is an epic display of volcanic lightning which scientists have called “a dirty thunderstorm”. It takes place when rock fragments like ash start colliding with ice particles in a volcanic cloud. These are then carried higher up into the atmosphere where it begins creating static with the surface of the planet which provides the electrical charge needed for lightning.

3. Pink Lake Hillier, Australia

The waters of a lake are usually blue, transparent, green, or maybe even brown or so you might have thought. But, can you ever imagine the water being pink in color? No one even associates the color pink with a water body. But, people travelling over the western islands of Australia can only witness this rare phenomenon for themselves.

The pink lake in Australia is not a trick of light as it retains its hue even at night. The science community is still baffled by the mystery behind the lake’s bubble gum aesthetics. Their best guess is the fact that it has something to do with the high salt levels in the waters because Lake Hillier is 10 times saltier than the ocean. This makes it the perfect breeding ground for Dunaliella Salina- salt-loving micro algae. These tiny algae produce pigment compounds capable of absorbing light like Beta Carotene. This is the same compound which is responsible for giving carrots their orange color and certain cabbages a purple color.

4. Vaadhoo’s Shimmering Shores, Maldives amazing things in nature

Vaadhoo has its own unique midnight light show on its shores in the Maldives. Whether you choose to believe it or not, but this is not the result of Photoshop, but that of a natural phenomenon caused by tiny Marine microbes called phytoplankton.

When these microscopic organisms are washed up on the sand they start glowing. Many types of phytoplankton have the ability of bioluminescence. This amazing ability is actually a defensive mechanism which allows them to glow to scare of predators and lure bigger predators to eat the ones attempting to eat them. They usually gleam and glow when they are agitated and this creates stars in the ocean while the waves ripple them to shore.

5. Frozen Air Bubbles, Abraham Lake amazing things in nature

There is one strange Lake in Alberta Canada which is home to a unique phenomenon which you will have to see for yourself to believe. While the lake remains frozen, there is also frozen air bubbles trapped under its icy surface. The bubbles are actually methane gas which creeps its way up through the waters of the lake until it freezes and gets trapped. The beautiful frozen bubbles keep melting and freezing again and again as they search for a way out.

When dead plants and animals sink to the bottom of the lake and the bacteria begins decomposing and breaking down the organic matter, the methane gas is created and slowly released. The gas usually floats its way to the surface of the lake where it is then released into the air. But once the lake freezes, the methane gets frozen over in the form of bubbles. These unique bubbles of various shapes and sizes never cease to amaze its admirers.

6. Reflective Salt Flats, Bolivia amazing things in nature

The world’s largest salt flats (called Salar de Uyuni) are located in southwest Bolivia. These breathtaking flats stretch across 10,582 square kilometers or 4,086 square miles. This vast flat of water salted crust over was the result of the transformation of several prehistoric lakes over eons.

It’s truly a mesmerizing sight to witness the sky being vividly reflected on Salar de Uyuni. The world can be turned upside down for you when you take a walk through this mirrored wonderland.

7. Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees of Kailua, Hawaii amazing things in nature

The Eucalyptus Deglupta also known as the rainbow eucalyptus is one of the most amazing things in nature. It is a tall tree which is the only species of eucalyptus found naturally in New Guinea, New Britain, Ceram, Sulawesi, and Mindanao.

The most unique and distinctive future of this fascinating tree is its multi-colored bark. It sheds patches of its outer bark annually at different times which reveals a bright green inner bark. The inner bark then begins to darken and mature giving off blue, purple, orange, and maroon tones in the process. These special trees only grow naturally in tropical forests which receive heavy rainfall.

8. Giant Crystal Cave of Naica, Mexico amazing things in nature

The Cueva de los Cristaes or Cave of Crystals is a giant cave with the world’s largest natural crystal formations located in Naica Mexico. These crystals were able to grow to such gigantic sizes due to the unbelievably rare conditions present in this wondrous cave in Mexico.

According to geologist Juan Manuel Garcia-Ruiz, these crystals grew consistently under 136 degrees Fahrenheit or 58 degrees Celsius over a millennia. Their growth and proportions received a boost from the mineral-rich water present in the cave.

9. Spiderweb Cocooned Trees, Pakistan amazing things in nature

Ever wondered how millions of spiders in the same spot would look like? In the village of Sindh, in Pakistan, millions of spiders inhabit certain trees which make them look like eerie ghost trees straight out of a horror movie.

But, this is actually an act of survival on their part. Due to excessive flooding in 2010, millions of spiders were forced to seek shelter in the tree tops. Over time they created massive intricately marvelous webbed homes which engulfed the trees completely.

10. The Wave, Arizona amazing things in nature

The Wave of Arizona in the USA is a gorgeous red sandstone formation on the slopes of the Coyote Butte in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness. Hikers and photographers all flock to this resplendent sandstone formation to get a glimpse of its colorful undulant forms and ruggedness. It has been considered as one of the best hiking trails and the best photographic places in the world.




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