10 Exceptional Tips To Look Younger Than You Really Are

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People spend a fortune on serums, anti-aging, creams, lotions, and face masks to make themselves look younger. There are many instructions and tips to look younger but, most of them only talk about facial skin care. The truth is that everything from your hairstyles to your eyelashes impacts the way you look. This means that you have to pay attention to your entire body’s features and not simply your face.

To appear more youthful you just need to tweak a few aspects of your appearance. You may also need to stop doing certain things which promise a youthful glow, but in reality only ruin your skin and overall appearance.

Follow these tips to look younger and you will be amazed at how much your appearance changes in the course of time.

1. Getting your hair done will boost your youthful radiance

www.swallowpress.com-tips to look younger

The process of aging can be concealed with long bangs. The reason is because your facial features will be softened and your wrinkles or fine lines will be kept hidden putting the main focus on your eyes. Movement, layers and texture will look much better than bangs which have just been chopped off.

Wavy hair is something which every woman should go for. Short hairstyles like wavy bob, bob, mid-length layered cut or messy shag have the potential for lifting the energy in your face thereby giving you a fresher look. These types of hairstyles with flicked ends make the hairstyle give off a fun, youthful and impression.

2. Make your eyebrows thicker

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As you grow older, you start losing more hair which even includes the loss of hair from your eyebrows as well. You should allow your brows to naturally get thicker or learn to naturally use makeup to fill them and make them appear thick. This is a good trick as fullness associates with youthfulness.

3. Use red lipstick instead of other shades

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With the passing of age, the natural lines of ours lips fade. Among the many tips to look younger it is especially recommended to use lipstick of red shades or simply red lipstick. This color not only symbolizes youth but also beauty, health, femininity and sexuality.

4. Don’t apply excessive makeup

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One of the most famous ongoing trends is contouring and many of you may do it on a regular basis as it is believed to make your appearance more refined. But, if you want to look fresh, you would have to find a better alternative.

You should even avoid using mascara on your bottom lashes as it can cast shadows and can even appear as if it’s pulling your eyes down giving the impression of fake dark circles on your face.

5. Curling your lashes will make your eyes and facial features appear more youthful

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This might be one of the more simple tips to look younger but it can actually work wonders. By curling your lashes your eyes will seem more opened making you appear younger and awake.

Also, before applying mascara, you should apply some baby powder. Simply use a cotton swab for dipping and coating the powder. It is even recommended to use a primer as it holds your mascara in place. This will give your face length and volume.

6. Use blush only on certain areas

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Blush should be applied at the height of the cheekbones and not on the soft parts of the cheeks. This is because aging makes you lose more fat from your face and your cheeks will appear thinner and hollower. This can make you appear older and applying blush in those areas will make you look even older.

7. Wear brighter colored clothes

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Wearing lighter and brighter colored clothes like blue, orange, white or green will make your appear face brighter and highlight your beauty more so than before. Some of the most important tips to look younger depend on your sense of fashion and clothing.

Don’t wear all gray, black, and other neutral toned clothes too often, even though they make your figure appear slimmer. But, in essence they make you appear more aged. If you still prefer dark colored T-shirts and pants, then it is advised to wear them along with bright jewelry and other accessories.

8. Correct your posture

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Having a bad posture can make you look older than you are. There are many ideal tips to look younger by correcting your posture such as-

  • You should stop slouching when you’re sitting on a chair or standing.
  • Avoid holding your phone with your shoulder when you’re on call.
  • Avoid carrying backpacks which are stuffed.
  • Lift heavy items with caution.

These tips will help you look younger as well as relieve your neck, shoulder pain, and back pain, fatigue, headaches and breathing difficulties.

9. Always choose the right size bra to wear

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You should always opt for a well-fitting bra which you’re comfortable with. Such unexpected tips to look younger will not only help you look taller, but will even make you seem sleeker in appearance.

If your bras are too loose, your bust can drop. You can appear livelier and more youthful by positioning your bust properly and getting them off your tummy. The perfect position for them is halfway between the shoulders and elbows.

10. Driving your car too much can make wrinkles appear faster

www.swallowpress.com-tips to look younger

If you spend a lot of time driving around in your car, it can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. This is because the car windows cannot protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun which causes your skin to wrinkle up faster.

In this case, you should always apply sunscreen before driving your car. But, don’t rely on the SPF of foundation, rather, go for SPF-15 in sunscreens and apply it thoroughly on your neck and face. By following these kinds of tips to look younger you can preserve your youthfulness for much longer.

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