10 Excellent Fat Burning Plyometric Exercises

Plyometric exercises are simply the best modern-day cardio workouts to burn up a whole lot of calories and reduce fat. These high intensity fat burning plyometric exercises get your adrenaline pumping and force your body’s metabolism to go into over drive burning up all the excess for energy. Plyometric exercises or workouts increase muscle power, mobility and agility, and your stamina and energy.

The fat stored in your body gets converted to energy to fuel your performance when your energy is depleted during your time working out. These fast-paced cardio exercises boost your metabolism which is basically the key factor in reducing fat and promoting weight loss. Out of the many plyometric exercises, here are five potentially helpful, fat burning plyometric exercises-

1. Pop-Ups burning plyometric exercises

Pop-ups might be quite physically challenging at first but as you progress you will have yourself doing one superb fat burner workout. Its exceptionally effective in burning up calories fast enough to get your weight down in no time. It has been considered as a type of power training, as it enhances core strength. Your fat reduces while the lean muscles in your legs, hips, shoulders and arms build-up.

2. Skaters Move burning plyometric exercises

In this kind of exercise your muscles are constantly made to extend and contract which helps in developing better flexibility, strength, and promoting a good calorie burn. The muscles in and around your hip area, including all muscle groups in your legs are engaged more than the muscles in your upper body. This exercise helps tone your body into a leaner more muscular figure.

3. Straddle Jumps burning plyometric exercises

Straddle jumps resembles box jumps and is meant for improving your leg speed and power. This jumping exercise targets the muscle groups of the flexors, calf muscles and inner thighs. It is a good fat burning plyometric exercise that also contributes in the development of lean muscle mass.

4. Alternating lunge jumps burning plyometric exercises

Alternating lunge jumps are an excellent cardio-based workout which provides you with a solid workout for your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core. It helps in revving up your heart rate and toning all the muscle groups in your lower body. Moreover, this exercise is rather fun to perform.

5. Broad Jumps burning plyometric exercises

If you want to challenge your current level of fitness then broad jumps are the ones for you. Broad jumps are also known as long jumps or frog jumps. While the movements in this exercise primarily target your legs it still has an impact on your core muscles and the muscle in your lower back as well. You will also have to work your arms to execute the jump properly.

6. Tuck jumps burning plyometric exercises

Tuck jumps can really drain you of all your stamina and energy. This in one way is great as it can force your metabolism to start burning up the fat store in your body to provide you with more energy. This is one of the best fat burning plyometric exercises which can help you burn a significant amount of calories in a day.

7. Single Legged Hops burning plyometric exercises

Single legged hops are rather easy exercises while they are being highly beneficial. It tones down your abdomen, burning up all the fat stored in the area, and helps in developing strong abdominal muscle (abs). Your butt and legs also get toned into shape, while strength in these muscles increases significantly. Muscular agility rapidly increases fat burn and boosts your body’s endurance, meaning that you will be able to do more intense activities and exercises to push past your limits and achieve better results.

8. Plank jacks burning plyometric exercises

Plank jacks are basically jumping jacks but in the plank position. While jumping jacks are performed upright from a standing position, you perform the same movements with your legs from a plank position in plank jacks. This exercise primarily target your core as you will need to engage your core muscles more than any other to maintain your balance and keep yourself steady.

9. Scissor Jumps burning plyometric exercises

Scissor jumps are also easy and can be a fun way to reduce fat. Your fat gets burned and your body inches closer day by day toward getting a better sculpted figure. Scissor jumps are one of the many fat burning plyometric exercises that also build up core strength and develop all the important muscle groups in the body. It also gives you a much slimmer looking abdomen and promotes the growth of lean muscles throughout the body.

10. Burpees burning plyometric exercises

Burpees are an awesome full body cardio workout which strengthens and conditions your body. With just a few reps you will be out of breath. It works all the muscles in your upper and lower body which includes the muscles of your arms, back, shoulders, chest, hips, and legs. This exercise can be performed anywhere and is great for strength and muscle building in addition to burning calories.

These fat burning plyometric exercises are a combination of powerful and fast movements that have been developed specially to help you achieve your fitness goals. By increasing the lean muscle mass in your body your fat becomes virtually invisible, because all of it gets burned up. With these intense cardio exercises you are guaranteed to gain strength, better performance, and a better physique or figure.

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